Figure aboriginal iOS, Humanoid and Windows apps in Ocular Studio.

Excogitation unbelievable exploiter interfaces for iOS and Humanoid without going Optical Studio.

Double-click a storyboard lodge to redact it in the IDE. Drag-and-drop controls to figure screens, gens controls to produce fields, and double-click to add handlers without shift to Xcode.

More precise than Xcode

Aspect controllers and controls are a pixel-perfect histrionics of screens as they volition seem when functional on iOS devices.

Live-rendered customs controls

Dissimilar Xcode’s Port Constructor, the Xamarin iOS Decorator renders your impost views scarce as easy as it renders UIKit controls–live, with tradition properties editable in the properties pad.

Ne’er trace a occupation of XML

Easy make Humanoid screens by dragging controls onto the app constructor, and configuring them victimization the properties pad, without XML.

Figure multiple resolutions forthwith

Trailer layouts crossways multiple cover resolutions and twist shape factors simultaneously with the Xamarin Humanoid Decorator.

Consummate attribute redaction

Quick configure the appearing, layout, study names, and effect handlers for controls and views victimisation a flowing properties pad.

Use the tools you cognise and bang.

Stop fertile by chronic to leveraging the intact Microsoft ecosystem, including ReSharper, Squad Creation Host (TFS), TeamCity, Jenkins and your deary encipher reportage and profiling tools.

Debug comparable a pro.

Hunt bugs exploitation the wax ability of a advanced debugger, which can debug your app whether it’s working in a simulator, or endure on-device. Set breakpoints, footprint done encrypt and vigil values variety during executing.

Award-winning features.

Microsoft awarded Xamarin the VSIP Forward-looking Coating Collaborator of the Class in Lordly 2013. Xamarin is too achiever of the Optic Studio Clip 2013 Readers Quality awarding.

Try Xamarin for Optic Studio.

Ocular Studio Community

Unfreeze, fully-featured IDE for Windows users to produce Humanoid, iOS and Mac apps victimization Xamarin. Qualified to students, OSS and main developers.

Optical Studio Pro

Pro developer tools and services with all the benefits of Xamarin Studio Community addition subscription benefits with no employment restrictions.

Optic Studio Initiative

Throughout root exploitation with all the benefits of Xamarin Studio Pro addition examination, monitoring, feedback and subscription benefits.

Try Optical Studio for Mac Prevue, a new mobile-first, cloud-first IDE made for the Mac.

Try the new Ocular Studio for Mac Prevue.

Title: Figure aboriginal iOS, Humanoid and Windows apps in Ocular Studio.

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