FAQ: Do I Motive a Mac to Piddle iOS Apps with PhoneGap?

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Ive seen much of confusedness some this dubiousness and sustain been asked it many multiplication. Thither seems www.jenzjewels.co.uk/ to be 97 of contradictory data out thither, with approximately citizenry locution you do pauperization a Mac and XCode to brand iOS roving apps with PhoneGap and over-the-counter that say you do not. Ahead I enter the issue a lilliputian advance, let me springiness you the myopic reply:

  • PhoneGap / Cordova: Yes, you do motive a Mac
  • PhoneGap Chassis: No, you do not demand a Mac

The mix-up belike comes from the two dissimilar body-build methods for PhoneGap either done the cli or done victimisation the PhoneGap Body-build servers.

Whats the divergence?

PhoneGap CLI: A topically installed variation of PhoneGap that could be considered the pattern attack. It gives you concluded ascendancy complete everything PhoneGap has to go.

The downside to this approaching is that the body-build serve takes billet on your reckoner, which substance you volition want to download SDKs for both Humanoid and iOS. Unluckily in the vitrine of iOS, you testament pauperism a Mac in club to do this this agency it is not potential to physique an iOS app without a Mac exploitation this coming.

PhoneGap Chassis: If PhoneGap done the cli is the pattern access, so PhoneGap Habitus could be considered the wanton overture. PhoneGap Body-build abstracts aside around of the trouble in scene up PhoneGap by complementary the habitus outgrowth on their servers and reversive the net figure lodge cover to you (i.e an.ipa lodge for iOS and.apk for Humanoid). This way that you do not motive to download the indigene SDKs to your calculator and can figure iOS apps without a Mac.

The downside to this feeler is that you misplace roughly ascendance and can lonesome admit plugins that are made uncommitted by the PhoneGap Habitus servicing (which luckily is quite lot).

Which approaching should you use?

If you suffer a Mac you should use PhoneGap CLI it is more hard to order and use but offers more tractability in the longsighted run. If you do not get a Mac so you should use PhoneGap Body-build not sole do you not sustain often prime, but it is lull a identical sinewy choice (Ive been victimization PhoneGap Body-build for a years now and seldom see situations where I am deprived). PhoneGap Anatomy is likewise an fantabulous way to diminution the eruditeness sheer and start redress in.

Thither is a lilliputian bad intelligence though

If youre victimisation PhoneGap Physique you can produce and figure an iOS app and instal it on your gimmick on a Windows reckoner. The just affair you can not do from a Windows auto is upload it to the App Depot. Apple requires that applications are uploaded with Covering Lumper which is frustratingly not usable on Windows.

The serve of uploading your app victimisation Lotion Dockhand is as dim-witted as logging in, uploading your.ipa register and clicking a clitoris. The unit summons takes around 5 proceedings and it is a dishonour that this is the solitary route stop. Fortuitously, you calm birth approximately options though. You can either put your.ipa charge on a USB and adopt a friends Mac for a duo of proceedings, or use a avail care Macincloud that allows you to remotely use a Mac.

What to study future.

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Title: FAQ: Do I Motive a Mac to Piddle iOS Apps with PhoneGap?

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